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The basic thermostat, as simple in its form as it is functional in its use. Your home is too cool; it turns on the heat. Your home is too hot; it turns on the air conditioning. A thermostat is more often than not the only interface a home owner has with their heating and cooling system. It should be reliable, easy to use, and do what it was intended to do. We all can remember the thermostats in our parent’s house which we were specifically ordered not to touch. Turn the dial to the left, it gets cooler; turn it to the right, it gets warmer. Simple. But we have come a long way from the old Honeywell T87. While modern thermostats are just as reliable as the T87 while offering quite a few more features.

Willis Carrier is credited with developing the modern "air-conditioner". In 1902, Willis was working on a project to keep paper from becoming wavy, due to high humidity in a printing factory. His solution? Evaporation. The physical change of a liquid into a gas. Mr. Carrier understood that evaporation is a reliable means of lowering humidity but discovered that it was also extremely useful in lowering temperatures.
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