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Did You Know? How Air Conditioning Was Invented

Willis Carrier is credited with developing the modern "air-conditioner". In 1902, Willis was working on a project to keep paper from becoming wavy, due to high humidity in a printing factory. His solution? Evaporation. The physical change of a liquid into a gas. Mr. Carrier understood that evaporation is a reliable means of lowering humidity but discovered that it was also extremely useful in lowering temperatures.

Today's central air-conditioning (A/C) systems are quiet, efficient, reliable and complex. They provide our homes and families with comfortable indoor temperatures and lower humidity levels regardless of the outdoor environment that Iowa can subject us to. A/C has become as vital to home comfort as heating is during the winter months. Central air units are subjected to some pretty harsh conditions. Seventy-five degrees Monday, 30 degrees and snow on Tuesday. Thank you Hawkeye State... A/Cs have a pretty tough life and require maintenance to ensure efficient and reliable operation. A blocked condenser can reduce the efficiency of cooling equipment by as much as 30%. That's not to mention the reduced life span of unmaintained A/Cs. In short, the system we rely on for a comfortable home in the summer relies on our maintaining it, and we know some guys that can help with that.

[Shameless, self-promotion] The crew at Des Moines Comfort can help you maintain the cooling system that helps us keep our sanity on those 90 degree summer days. We offer an A/C safety and efficiency service for $89.00. Not a lot of money to ensure that Willis Carrier's invention does exactly what it was designed to do...keep paper in your home from becoming wavy.

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