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Not Your Granddad's Thermostat

The basic thermostat, as simple in its form as it is functional in its use. Your home is too cool; it turns on the heat. Your home is too hot; it turns on the air conditioning. A thermostat is more often than not the only interface a home owner has with their heating and cooling system. It should be reliable, easy to use, and do what it was intended to do. We all can remember the thermostats in our parent’s house which we were specifically ordered not to touch. Turn the dial to the left, it gets cooler; turn it to the right, it gets warmer. Simple. But we have come a long way from the old Honeywell T87. While modern thermostats are just as reliable as the T87 while offering quite a few more features.

Today's thermostat boasts a high definition color touch-screen display, as well as several other features that the old mechanical thermostats did not. Want to see the three day weather forecast? Touch an icon at the top of the screen. Curious about your energy usage for the week? It can show you that too. Instead of a simple switch between what you want the temperature to be in your home and your HVAC system, today’s thermostat can learn how to make your system more efficient by remembering what time of day you want the temperature of your house to raise or lower and, automatically, do it for you. They are intuitive. You can change the temperature of your home in Urbandale while you are away on vacation in Katmandu using your smart phone. Smart thermostats are responsive, adaptive, convenient and (most importantly) reliable. They offer much more than just temperature control and can be installed in less than 30 minutes in most cases.

Des Moines Comfort offers the Venstar T7900 for $275 installed. Call (515) 266-4660 to schedule a time for installation and for details.

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