Honeywell HC26A-1008 Humidifier Pad/Water Panel – F/265 (#35)


Honeywell HC26A-1008 Humidifier Pad/Water Panel – F/265 (#35)

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Honeywell HC26A 1008 Humidifier Pad, is the “heart” of your whole-house humidifier, the Water Panel (also known as humidifier filter, water pad, evaporator pad), should be changed at least once per heating season. The pad is constructed of an expanded aluminum honeycomb mesh that is dipped in a clay coating. This coating is able to absorb and hold water. Warm, dry air is forced through the wet pad to introduce water vapor into the home.

Product Features:

  • Factory original OEM part
  • Dimensions approximately – 13″ x 10″ x 1.4″
  • Pad change instructions are printed on product carton
  • Agion Antimicrobial Coated

Fits the Following Humidifiers:

  • Honeywell HE200
  • Honeywell HE250
  • Honeywell HE260
  • Honeywell HE265
  • Honeywell HE300
  • Honeywell HE360
  • Honeywell HE365

Humidifier water panels (sometimes referred to as a filter) are a regular replacement item in whole-house humidifiers. For the best performance, we recommend that the Water Panel be replaced once a year, either prior to the start or at the end of the heating season. If you have especially hard water – the panel can be replaced 2 times per year.

Additional information

Weight 14.6 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 2.5 × 13.5 in