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Des Moines Air Duct Cleaning

Des Moines Air Duct CleaningReduce Allergies & Odors

Improve your indoor air quality, reduce allergens, dust, mold, and bacteria in your home and office with professional air duct cleaning from Des Moines Comfort.

Duct cleaning is important to healthy air. The air we breathe travels through the ducts and dust, dirt, and hair get caught inside your ductwork. We are factory trained and use specialized equipment to clean your ductwork so you will breathe cleaner, have fewer allergens in the air and have less dust settling in the house.
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Why Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned by Des Moines Comfort?

  • Breathe cleaner air by reducing allergens
  • Reduce dust, dirt, allergens, mold, and bacteria from your air
  • Reduce interior cleaning and dusting
  • Reduce household odors
  • Clean your dryer vent to reduce fire risk
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • We're HVAC specialists, we know how to optimize your system

What You Get With Our Duct Cleaning Service:

  • Complete cleaning of your entire system including furnace and A/C
  • Video inspection of your system to ensure proper airflow
  • Clean all of your ductwork and vents
  • Replace air filter
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing spray in the duct system
  • Static pressure readings of airflow in the system
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
We stock all vents with us at the time of service in case if you need any replaced, and we carry all filters with us so that we can replace your filter when we are done. We offer specials to combine our duct cleaning with our scheduled maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often should I have my ducts cleaned?

A: Every three years is generally recommended but certain conditions and circumstances may require cleaning more often such as; pets in the home, age and location of your house, and cleaning habits.

Q: Why should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

A: The US Fire Administration cites that there are 2900 home clothes dryer fires every year resulting in five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million dollars in property loss per year. The leading cause: failure to clean the dryer vent.

Q: Will my home be damaged from the duct cleaning process?

A: No. Des Moines Comfort uses state of the art, powerful equipment to gently remove build-up in your HVAC duct system and collects it in a central location while filtering the air with twin HEPA filters. Our technicians take the time to protect your floors and walls before beginning work. We treat your home the way we would want our homes treated ensuring your 100% satisfaction.
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