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Extend Life and Efficiency of Your Boilers

Your boilers usually sits unused during the summer months and when you turn it back on, it could be full of surprises. That's why you need Des Moines Comfort's Scheduled Maintenance Plan.

With a Scheduled Maintenance Plan, you'll have the peace of mind that your system is in top working order and the boiler is operating at its highest efficiency possible. Our experienced technicians will our technicians will start up the pumps and make sure water levels are where they need to be. We clean the boiler before the first startup which guarantees we are burning the fuel as efficiently as possible.

Why Trust Des Moines Comfort?

When you hire Des Moines Comfort to service your boiler, you're hiring the most knowledgeable company in town to take care of your hydronic system. We spend hours training our techs to be the most proficient troubleshooters of boiler and boiler system problems.

We specialize in testing your water quality and taking the proper steps to ensure healthy water is inside your boiler system.

Think Des Moines Comfort for New Boiler Installations

Older boilers can cost too much money to operate and upkeep. They also can contain harmful chemicals inside them like asbestos insulation. With boiler replacement from Des Moines Comfort, you'll save money on your energy bill and have the peace of mind of a high-efficiency boiler that won't break down in the cold Iowa weather. New boilers operate with 98% efficiencies and take up 1/4 of the space of an old boiler.

Call today to get your free gas boiler installation quote.

Why Trust Des Moines Comfort for Your Boiler Installation?

No one has more experience installing new boilers in Des Moines than Des Moines Comfort, and we're famous for our expertise in boiler installations, service, and boiler water quality.

When you hire Des Moines Comfort for your boiler installation you get years of design and installation experience in modern and classic hydronics. We have the highest skill level of piping in town and every Des Moines Comfort boiler installation is a piece of art.

We install Lochinvar Knight boilers and indirect-fired water heaters. We also install radiant floor heat, radiators, and snowmelt too!
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